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Litron Lasers is a specialist in the design and manufacture of pulsed Nd:YAG lasers, PIV Nd:YAG lasers, DPSS Nd:YAG, CW Nd:YAG lasers and true TEM00 lasers. Wavelengths available are 1064 nm, 532 nm, 355 nm, 266 nm and 213 nm. Applications include PIV and Visualisation, Spectroscopy and LIBS, Surface Processing and Ablation, Scientific Research, LCD and Semiconductor Processing, Laser Pump Sources, Photoacoustic Imaging and Remote Sensing. Designed to be rugged and offer true 24 hour operation our range of pulsed YAG lasers is extremely extensive ranging from small compact Q-switched systems to ultra high energy lasers including injection seeding options, high repetition rate lasers, true TEM00 lasers and fully integrated type II BBO OPO tunable lasers. Our range of DPSS lasers also includes pulsed Nd:YLF lasers offering industry leading outputs of up to 30 mJ per pulse at 1 kHz, 527 nm.

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Flash Lamp Pumped Lasers" outline_content="false"}

Nano Series

Nano 190px

A family of compact and rugged Q-switched lasers suited to a multitude of applications including mask repair, LIBS, LIDAR, PIV, pump sources and spectroscopy. The lasers are availbale with up to 320mJ and up to 5th harmonic as a standard option.


  • Output Energies up to 320 mJ
  • Different Resonator types for different applications available
  • Electronically verified safety shutter
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th harmonics
  • Motorised attenuator available
  • High energy TEMoo option available

Applications: PIV, LIBS, Spectroscopy, LIDAR, ESPI, Pumping

Download: Litron Nano Brochure 

TRLi Series

TRLi 190px

Output energies at 1064 nm. Repetition rates . Harmonics available 532 nm, 355 nm, 266 nm & 213 nm. For an even better perfomance DPSS models are also available. addon especially designed for photoacoustics available. 


  • Plug  and play interchangeable harmonic modules to 213 nm
  • Intelligent motorised high speed auto-tuning of harmonics
  • Auto-stabilisation for 'set and forget' operation
  • Twin-rod architecture for high beam homogeneity
  • Integrated motorised attenuator
  • Easy connections and fast start up
  • High energy and high repetition rate models
  • Super Gaussian-coupled, stable and stable-telescopic resonator options
  • Rugged industrial design
  • LUCi touchscreen or PC control interface

Applications: Pumping, Deflashing, Cleaning, Spectroscopy, LIBS, LIDAR, Flash Phyotolysis, Ablation, PLD, Photoacoustic Imaging

Download: Litron TRLi ST  |  Litron TRLi G  |  Litron TRLi G High Power  |  Litron TRLi High Repetition Rate


LPY Serie

LPY 190px

The LPY series was developed for all industrial and scientific applications that need extremely high pulse energies. The modular design allows for a variety of different resonator configurations from a simple single-rod to a full birefrigience-compensating dual -rod design. Furthermore stable, stable-telescopic and unstable gauß-coupled configurations are possible. Energies as high as 10 J are available with  or repetition rates of 200Hz can be reached with up to 400mJ.


  • Rugged invar stabilised construction
  • Modular design
  • Birefrigience compensation
  • IGBT switching for long lamp lifetime
  • Up to 3.5J with 30Hz or 200Hz with 400mJ
  • Harmonic modules available for 532, 355, 266 and 213nm

Download: Litron LPY Brochure  |  Litron LPY 600/700 Specifications  |  Litron LPY 7000 Specifications  |  Litron LPY10J Specifications

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Diode Pumped Laser}


Nano DPSS 190px

A series of compact and rugges q-switched DPSS lasers with up to 150 mJ at 100 Hz.


  • Up to 150 mJ @ 100 Hz
  • Repetition rates of up to 300 Hz possible
  • Extremely stable pulse stability
  • Electronic safety shutters
  • Motorised attenuator available
  • Harmonic modules available
  • Long diode life time and easy field replacability

Applications: PIV, LIBS, spectroscopy, LIDAR, ESPI, pumping of lasers




TRLi DPSS 190px

Compact high energy q-switched DPSS Lasers with up to 300 mJ at 100 Hz an repetition rates up to 300 Hz. 

As with the existing TRLi range all accessories such as harmonics are bolt-and-play and can be added and removed at will. The intelligent system controller automatically adapts to the set configuration and allows seamless control in any setup or application.

Unlike the competition all harmonics are angle tuned with high precision linear actuators. This allows not only initial auto-tuning at startup but continuous auto-tuning of the output during operation due to the fast response of mechanical angle tuning as opposed to thermal tuning. Additionally, all harmonic generation crystals are thermally stabilised to better than 0.1˚C.

The high efficiency of the Nano TRLi DP means that the cooling requirements are minimal and it is supplied with a fully integrated, Litron designed, chiller and drive electronics.

All harmonics to the fifth at 213nm are available and are all auto-tuned as standard.


  • Repetition rates up to 200Hz
  • Fully diode pumped
  • Stable resonator M2 ≤8
  • Super-Gaussian resonator M2 ≤2
  • RMS stability 0.2% at 1064nm
  • Diode life >4 billion pulses
  • Plug and play harmonic modules
  • Smooth, homogenous beam profile
  • Compact PSU and remote chiller

Applications: Semiconductor inspection, LCD repair, Ti:Sa pumping, Laser cleaning, LIBS, LIF, PIV

Download: Litron TRLi DPSS   



Plasma 190px

The Plasma series are diode pumped, pulsed, Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers. These systems use the very latest in high efficiency fully diode pumped technology to replace traditional flashlamp pumping. The Plasma series DPSS lasers use Litron’s sealed, mechanically robust diode pump module to ensure stable output, high reliability, easy diode replacement and long diode lifetime of more than 4 billion pulses.

Litron’s unique diode module design and diode drive electronics combined with the mechanically stable and rigid optical rail systems deliver class leading pulse to pulse stability (0.2% RMS at 1064nm).


  • Up to 1000 mJ @ 100 Hz
  • Repetition rates up to 300 Hz
  • Long diode life time and easy replacability in the field
  • Extremely homogeneous beam profile
  • otorizes attenuator
  • Upt to 4th harmonic available
  • Rugges laser for demanding environments

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PIV Laser}

Litron offers an extensive range of flashlamp pumped and diode pumped PIV laser systems with output energies of up to 1 J per pulse and repetition rates of up to 200 Hz.

All of Litrons PIV laser systems are twin head devices, meaning that the PIV laser head contains two totally independent lasers.

The range of PIV systems is based around both the ultra-compact Nano series and the larger invar stabilised LPY series. The overriding factor that sets Litron’s products apart is quality. This is evidenced not only in the design and construction of the product, but also in its performance. 

It is Litron's philosophy to provide a laser system that suits an application. A ‘one system fits all’ approach, as offered by most manufacturers, does not allow the customer to optimise their process. For applications such as PIV Litron has developed resonators that will yield extremely uniform lightsheets whose pulse to pulse structure remains extremely constant. These are all based around our stable or stable- telescopic resonators.

Download: Litron PIV Laser Brochure

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Aurora OPO}

The Aurora II Integra range of type II BBO OPOs has been designed with reliability, stability and ease of use in mind. This allows researchers to concentrate on their experiments and industrial system integrators the peace of mind that their process will be consistent and robust. With a wide choice of integrated and optimised Nd:YAG pump lasers from 10 Hz to 200 Hz these are truly flexible systems.

Key Features

  • Tuning range 410-710 nm and 710 nm to 2.3 µm
  • UV harmonic option for 205-419 nm
  • Linewidth <3 cm-1
  • Fully integrated pump laser and OPO
  • Motorised OPO tuning with optional closed loop wavelength feedback
  • OPO optical compensation and 1064 nm variable optical attenuator
  • 355 nm process shutter with energy monitoring as standard
  • Full PC control via RS232

Options Include

  • Motorised and closed loop automatic tuning of pump laser harmonics
  • Auto-stabilisation of pump energy including power supply control
  • Automated no-gap output tuning from 205 nm to 2.3 µm

Download: Aurora II Integra 355nm  |  Aurora II Integra 532nm






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