The nLIGHT®  fiber lasers combine not only the best performance and a high operating reliability, but also their modular design. With the vertical integration of the internally manufactured laser pump diodes, as well as the in-house fiber technology, quality is being built from the first step. The lasers are particularly distinguished by their very good cutting and welding performance and the long-term tested back reflection protection over the full performance spectrum. 





 Special applications such as the machining of copper, brass or other highly reflective materials are possible through the back-reflection protection, also with a stable process and no damage to the laser. Furthermore, the nLIGHT fiber lasers have a unique service concept. This allows simple and efficient service in the field and results in high availability of your system. The nLIGHT fiber lasers are used worldwide in a variety of different ways. From very demanding 24/7 product application conditions to highly precise applications in the area of application development in laboratories or institutes in the leading industrial countries of the laser industry. In all areas of application, its beam quality, robustness and reliability are particularly appreciated.

Information about the unique back reflection protection can be found in this article: Fiber laser processing of highly reflective materials




Christian Schröter

Christian Schröter
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