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IRflex, based in the US, is specialized on fibers and elements for mid-infrared (MIR) applications between 2µm and 10µm. The advanced products are based on unique fiber techniques and processes. Quality and reproducibility are the main focus to ensure the reliability of the products. 



IRF S-series

IRF S Spectrum

The IRF-S series is based on Chalcogenide glass (As2S3) and designed for the mid-IR range between 1.5µm and 6 µm. The highly transmissive fibers are available with core sizes of 5, 6.5, 7 and 9µm (singlemode, NA=0.3-0.32) and 50, 100 and 200µm (multimode). Due to the high nonlinearities the fibers can also be used for supercontinuum generation.

More information can be found in the IRF-S data sheet.



IRF SE-series

IRF Se Typical Attenuation

The IRF-SE series is based on Chalcogenide glass (As2S3) and designed for the mid-IR range between 1.5µm and 10 µm. The highly transmissive fibers are available with core sizes 12 µm (singlemode) and 100, 150 and 300µm (multimode).

Applications:Mid-IR beam guiding, IR-spectroscopy, supercontinuum generation

More information can be found on the IRF-Se data sheet.



Fiber cable

IRflex cable

The fiber cables for mid-IR can be manufactured with different lengths and low loss. The standard are stainless steel ferrules with FC/UPC, FC/APC or SMA905 connectors. The protective sheath is typically made of PVDF, PVC or stainless steel. More configurations can be offered on request.




FC/B® Connector

FC B connector with holder

Due to the high refractive indev of chalcogenide (~2.4 for As2S3 and ~ 2,7 für As2Se3) high reflections are caused at the entrance and exit (17% and 21%). The FC/B® connectors enable coupling at Brewsters angle resulting in a dramatic decrease of reflections and an increase in coupled power.

Datasheet: FC/B Connector



Mid-IR Fused Fiber Combiner


Fiber optic combiners are used to combine two or more fibers into one common aperture. The signals from several sources are combined into one fused fiber, thereby combining their output powers and wavelengths.

Using IRflex’s arsenic sulfide glass fibers, IRflex’s multimode Mid-IR fused fiber combiners can incoherently combine the power from multiple laser sources into a common output aperture. These combiners can also spectrally combine laser sources that cover the MWIR spectrum from 1.5 to 6.5µm.

Key Features:

  • High port transmission and combining efficiency up to 98%
  • Independent wavelength transmission from 1.5 to 6.5 µm
  • High power handling strength with mechanical flexibility
  • Custom configurations available
  • 3 to 1 and 7 to 1 combiners available

Datasheet: IRFlex MWIR fiber combiner





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