{tip content="Sakar Technology offers its customers direct diode systems based on the single emitting diodes from nLight paired with extremely reliable power supplies."} logo Sakar{/tip}               {tip content="KMLabs is a specialist in the field of ultrafast beam sources. Besides improving established technologies KMLabs also is one of the most innovative developers for ultrafast technologies."}logo kmlabs
          {tip content="K-Lab develops and manufactures innovative, high quality laser scanning systems in combination with unique vision solutions for a wide range of industrial applications."}Logo KLab
            {tip content="Iradion is an innovative manufacturer of CO2 Lasers. The unique ceramic core concept guarantees highest beam quality and no loss of gas."}logo Iradion{/tip}    
            {tip content="OPTO4U is an Optoprim Brand selling the most common opto-mechanical components with very attractive prices. Most components are in stock."}logo Opto4U{/tip}                   {tip content="Photonics Industries, the Pioneer of Intra-Cavity Solid State Harmonic Lasers, develops and manufactures innovative pulsed pico- and nanosecond lasers. The lasers offer high power and pulse energy with a rugged and very compact design. "}LOGO PI{/tip}              {tip content="Wasatch Photonics produces the world’s finest volume phase holographic gratings and spectroscopic instruments for retail and OEM customers. With this knowledge Wasatch has also specialized on the development and manufacturing of products for optical coherence tomography."}logo WasatchPhotonics{/tip}        
  {tip content="Max Photonics is a specialist for manufacturing pulsed fiber lasers for marking and engraving. The laser stand out with their high quality, the rugged design and the excellent price per watt ratio."}logo Max Photonics{/tip}                   {tip content="Plasmo Industrietechnik GmbH is technological leader for quality control in the automated metal production."}Logo Plasmo{/tip}                 {tip content="nLIGHT is an USA based manufacturer of laser diodes and high power fiber lasers. The complete vertical integration guarantees highest quality with attractive prices."}Logo nLight{/tip}              
      {tip content="Ondax manufactures optical filters with edges ten times steeper than that of the so called raszer-sharp Raman filters. This enables even more precise spectral investigations."}Logo Ondax{/tip}           {tip content="Xarion with it's patented optical microphone offers a unique solution for NDT and laser process control."}logo Xarion{/tip}               {tip content="IRFlex, based in the US, is a manufacturer for optical fibers in the mid-infrared in the range of 2µm-10µm."}logo IRflex{/tip}           {tip content="Univet is a manufacturer of laser safety goggles and windows. The goggles offer high protection and high comfort paired with very attractive prices."}logo univet{/tip}
{tip content="Tachyonics Inc. develops novel real-time instruments capable of capturing single-shot events with frame rate of up to 1 Billion frames per second. This makes the Tachyonics spectrometers at least 1000x faster than its competitors."}logo Tachyonics Inc.{/tip}             {tip content="Litron Lasers is a specialist in the area of pulsed nanosecond lasers built for a broad variety of applications."}logo Litron{/tip}             {tip content="Craic Technologies is specialized on microspectrometers. These enable the investigation of spectra of microscopic samples."}logo Craic{/tip}         {tip content="ScopeLED offers innovate illumination for bright field and fluorescence microscopy."}logo scopeled{/tip}        
  {tip content="Wavelength Technologies is specialized on manufacturing optical components with high quality and attractive prices."}logo wavelength{/tip}                   {tip content="WL Photonics Inc. from Canada developes and manufactures innovative fiber-coupled products like filters and tunable lasers."}logo WLP{/tip}             {tip content="Optimet manufactures distance and 3D sensors based on conoscopic holography. With this unique collinear technology the sensors can even be used in a laser systems beampath enabling totally new applications."}logo Optimet{/tip}         {tip content="AMI designs and manufactures a wide range of analog electronic products for the laser and electro-optics industries. The products include laser diode drivers, Pockels cell drivers, laser power supplies, capacitor charging power supplies, CW arc lamp power supplies, pulsed flashlamp drivers, simmer supplies and many more.
."}logo AMI{/tip}
              {tip content="Radiantis manufactures IR-spectrometers with the highes measurement rate on the market."}Logo Radiantis{/tip}               {tip content="Laser Mechanisms is a worldwide market leader for processing heads, laser beam delivery components and articulated arm systems."}logo Lasermech{/tip}             {tip content="Cambridge Technology is the pioneer and market leader in the area of galvo-based beam deflection with close to 50 years of experience."}logo CTI{/tip}