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Iradion’s CO2-Laser have a All Ceramic Resonator Technology who are offering a lot of benefits. Besides the fact, that ceramic has a lower thermal expansion coefficient than standard aluminium helping to increase the laser power stability over time, the range of reflection angles supported on the alumina walls is very restricted verses using aluminum waveguide walls.
This is critically important relative to suppressing bad, higher order modes in order to increase the beam quality, which is important especially for cutting applications.
However, the biggest advantage is probably the longevity of the original filled gas mixture thanks to the special resonator design. 

Your benefits:

  • No Oxidation and no change of the gas mixture. We ensure gas re-filling is required within 7 years of operation!
  • Higher modes are surpressed. This leads to a much higher focal power density and benefits to cutting applications
  • The laser can be installed vertically since no dirt can contaminate the mirrors inside

 More Information about the unique ceramic resonator concept can be found in an article published in the German magazine Photonik.


 Ceramic resonator concept





Christian Schröter

Christian Schröter
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