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WL Photonics, based in Canada, developes and manufactures innovative, fiber-coupled products like tunable filters and lasers.

Tunable lasers

Bandwidth Adjustable Tunable Filter


  • Contious wavelength tuning
  • Up to 200nm range
  • Available in X-, O-, S-, C-, & L-bands, ~1-1.6µm
  • Narrow, broadband and tbandwidth-tunable filters as well as edge filters
  • Manual or electrical tuning or via USB
  • Cost-efficient solution

Applications: ASE supression, DWDM channel filtering, WDM wavelength tuning, pulse formation, FBG sensor testing, tunable fiber lasers

For more information please look at the product pages of WL Photonics.





Tobias Heider
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Tel: +49-(0)89-818 90 781
Mobile: +49-(0)151-227 95 965

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