Application laboratory of the Optoprim group

Application tests in Optoprim's own laboratory can be carried out on request for all our laser sources, beam deflection and beam guidance systems as well as process monitoring at any time. In addition to our components, we have a wide range of process gases and equipment for material characterization too. We support you to solve your task together with us. We offer you solutions and not just individual components. Here is a brief look at our laboratory in Monza / Milan at Optoprim Italy:




Soon another application lab will be available in our new facility in Unterschleißheim in the north of Munich.



Test now!


A large number of our laser sources are available not only in our application laboratory, but also can be lent for 30 days free of charge. We send you the beam source and you can collect your own experience with your process and with your own components. Here we support you with the installation or the application with our employees as well.


jetzt testen

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