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Radiantis from Barcelona is a developer and manufacturer of tunable laser Systems and optical measurement devices. With the SeaWave Radiantis managed to built a small, robust, precise and fast measurement device for your IR measurements!

SeaWave IR-spectrometer

Radiantis SeaWave

The SeaWave is a low-cost top-class IR spectrometer with the smallest dimensions, the fastest data acquisition (>1000 spectra/s) with a broad measurement range (900-1700nm) and excellent resolution (3nm). Smaller ranges with higher resolution are also available. Further standard measurement ranges are 1000-2200nm and 1000-2500nm.

As with every compact spectrometer resolution, range, grating properties, sensitivy and signal to noise ratio are dependent on each other. We are pleased to discuss with you the best configuration for your needs.

Datasheet: SeaWave IR Spectrometer Data Sheet






Tobias Heider
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