Processing glass and other transparent materials is a challenge for laser industry due to the low absorption of wavelengths outside the UV und deep to mid-IR. This can be taken care of by the use of ultrashort-pulsed (USP) lasers. Since the typical pulse durations are in the range of a few picoseconds down to hundreds of femtoseconds USP lasers reach intensities at which the nonlinear process of multi-photon ionization plays an important role. This process leads to wavelength-independent absorption und thus enables the processing of transparent materials. Additionally the short pulse durations enable a non-thermal processing leading to very clean edges without melting or micro cracks. Hence very high precision is reached for applications like cutting, drilling or welding (c.f. micromachining (link einfügen).

For a complete system a 2-axis-galvo with controller and software as well as optical components for collimating and focusing the beam are needed.

In the matrix below all components needed beside the laser source are shown.

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