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Radiantis is a specialist manufacturer of both, advanced frequency conversion systems for laser tuning and instrumentation for optical diagnostics. The Company focuses on compact, fully-automated and reliable products including optical parametric oscillators (OPOs), harmonic generators, spectrometers, optical power meters, laser beam stabilisers and autocorrelators for the scientific and OEM markets. 

Radiantis´ technical capability regarding frequency conversion systems expands across the CW, pulsed and ultrafast time-scales, and its current product portfolio includes femtosecond and picosecond instruments with high conversion efficiencies at MHz repetition rates covering a broad spectral range from 200 to 4000 nm.





Featuring three output ports, the TITAN delivers: 1) 1450 - 1980 nm, 2) 2300 - 4000 nm, and 3) 1064 nm with a single source. Such a superior spectral coverage is provided with an exceptional output power across the range (>5 Watts at peak wavelength). This, together with the inherent high beam pointing stability, beam quality and power stability, make the TITAN an ideal source for spectroscopy, microscopy and sensing applications. As a sealed and fully automated system, it provides hands-free operation where any wavelength can be rapidly tuned by the click of a mouse via the dedicated control software. Control drivers are also available. Virtually maintenance-free, this CW OPO system provides a compact, robust, user-friendly and versatile laser source for demanding applications in multiple industrial, sensing and scientific research.

Key Features:

  • Broad tuning range across 1450 - 1980 nm and 2300 - 4000 nm
  • High Output power with >5W at peak wavelength
  • Excellent beam pointing stability
  • TEM00 spatial profile
  • Hands free operation with control software
  • Sealed, compact and virtually maintenance free
  • Integrated spectrometer

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