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ScopeLED from California, a DiCon Fiberoptics brand, is a developer and manufacturer of illumination devices for bright- and darkfield microscopy. LEDs generate nealy no heat, are long-lived, emit a single wavelength per chip and are the most flexible solution for illumination on the market. The development of the dense-matrix LED™ concept enabled the combination of different wavelengths in a compact array and thus offers a reliable solution for scientists that need more than one wavelength.





The F-series replaces the conventional arc lamp-based illumination for fluorescence microscopy. The lamp-like design of the housings offers a compact form factor with direct coupling to the epi fluorescence illumination and the smalles desk footprint on the market.


  • Choice between 10 different wavelengths and a LED with phosphor
  • One, two or four wavelengths in a single housing
  • High intensity
  • Low power consumption
  • Instant on/off
  • Controllable intensity
  • 30000 hours LED lifetime
  • Direct coupling to the microscope
  • Cost-efficient

Datasheet: F-Serie





The B-series replaces halogen-based light sources for the following applications: brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, differential interference contrast.


  • RGB and white-light temperature chosable
  • Fast TTL and analog control
  • Rise and fall times <0.1 milliseconds
  • RGB version without phosphor, ideal for lightfield/fluorescence combination
  • Extra bright white version with phosphor and high color reproduction
  • No ventilator, small form factor and vibration-free
  • USB for software integration
  • Highly stable light intensities
  • More than 30000 hours LED lifetime
  • No unwanted UV and IR radiation

Datasheet: B-Serie





The G-series LEDs are compatible to most light guides and available in two different versions: one compact illumination for pole-mounting and a compact table device. With its long lifetime and low power consumption the G-series is the more reliable and econic solution compared to halogen based solutions,  


  • Highly efficient Dense Matrix LED™ Array optimized for fiber coupling
  • Modern and compact design
  • 30000 hours lifetime
  • Tunable white with color temperatures from 3000 to 5600K
  • Controllable intensity with constant color temperature
  • Universal fiber coupling, compatible with most other light guides
  • No electrical potential or heat at the illumination spot, no UV or UR radiation

Datasheets: G150 | G180 | G250



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