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XARION Laser Acoustics is a provider of unique, laser-based acoustic sensors. The membrane-free optical microphone uses an IP-protected principle of operation: it detects sound based on its ability to change the speed of light. Since no mechanically movable or deformable parts are involved in this approach, the sensor comes with a linear frequency response free from mechanical resonances. The microphone shows an unprecedented frequency bandwidth exceeding state of the art solutions by a factor of ten.

XARION's optical microphone enables a novel real-time process control approach. As a complementary solution to visual inspection, the sensor monitors processes via air-coupled ultrasound, contact-free.

More information on the technolgy and the advantages can be found in an article published in the Laser Technik Journal.


ETA Ultra 100 and 250

Eta250 Ultra langes Kabel gelb

XARION's Eta Ultra membrane-free optical microphones are able to listen to the entire acoustic frequency bandwidth that can be physically transmitted through air. The patented sensor technology allows coverage of the range from 10 Hz to 1MHz with a single sensor head. It was specially designed for very high sound pressure levels up to 180 dB (A) SPL.


  • Membrane-free optical microphone
  • For very high sound pressure levels
  • Frequency range: 10 Hz–1 MHz (acoustics and ultrasonics)
  • Dynamic range: 80–180 dB (A) SPL for ETA Ultra 100 or 50-150 dB (A) SPL fot ETA Ultra 250

Downloads: ETA Ultra 100 Datasheet  |  ETA Ultra 250 Datasheet




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Christian Schröter
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