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Plasmo Industrietechnik GmbH is the technology leader in the field of quality assurance solutions for automated metalworking production. They are an innovative company that has specialized since 2003 in the field of quality assurance. Plasmo offers the following products:

Processobserver Basic & Processobserver Advanced (2-kanalig)


In welding processes, such as laser beam welding, process light is emitted in the infrared, visible and ultraviolet wavelength range. Welding errors are reflected in changes in this process signal. Detectable by process monitoring are:

  • Pores / seam constrictions
  • Excursions / splashes
  • Changes in welding depth
  • Insufficient connectivity
  • Impurities

Application: Welding

Data sheets: Processobserver Basic - Processobserver Advanced



 Profileobserver Compact 


The Plasmo Profileobserver is suitable for a variety of applications and offers in-line measurement method and high resolution a uniform detection with constant illumination. Due to the high resolution, large inspection fields can also be inspected at a considerable processing speed. The Profileobserver is available in 3 versions, which differ in your measuring field, measuring distance, height deviation and resolution. The advantages of the Profileobserver are, as already mentioned, speed up to 20 m / min, detection of defects ≥ 0.1 mm (at 6 m / min), suitable for mounting on a robot and the fulfillment of standards and entrepreneurs Standards for quality control.

Applications: Laser Welding, Additive Manufacturing, Seam Geometry, MIG-MAG Welding, Glue / Joint Control

Data sheet: Profileobserver Compact




Based on the technology of coherence interferometry, opaque surfaces can be examined three-dimensionally in their nature and structure. This allows welding depths, welding surfaces, component surfaces and gaps to be recorded. This unit can also be integrated into a close-loop process via the software in order to carry out an efficient quality control.

Applications: Laser Welding, Additive Manufacturing, Laser Coating

Datasheet: Deepobserver


Plasmoeye - Actioncam


The Plasmoeye Actioncam is used to monitor and trace production processes and to cause-based production errors. By fully traceability of defective components, the Plasmoeye Actioncam allows you to make your production processes even more efficient. Up to 6 cameras can be controlled at the same time and controlled via the Plasmo software. On the one hand, there are modules for monitoring the work environment, but also for close-ups on the component. The cameras are ideally suited for any type of laser process.

Applications: Laser Cutting, Laser Welding, Laser Drilling, Additive Manufacturing, Laser Hardening/Coating

Datasheet: Plasmoeye - Actioncam





The 3Dobserver from Plasmo provides a powerful platform for various solutions in image processing. The system allows 3D laser measurements of several cubic meters and compares CAD data with the components to be machined. The component geometries are compared with target geometries in a closed-loop method. In this case, the quantitative deviations can also be determined. The measuring system can also be used to detect qualitative and quantitative surface defects. In addition to the control of results of laser processes, a wide-spread application field of the 3D-viewer is the contact point determination for automated gripping systems.

Applications: Laser Cutting, Laser Welding, Laser Drilling, Additive Manufacturing

Datasheet: Plasmoeye - Actioncam




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