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Optimet specialized on the development and manufacturing of non-contact distance measurement sensors. The sensors are based on the patented conoscopic holography technique. This technique is collinear, works without an angle and has no limititations regarding the distance between the sensor and the objective. Thus the sensors can be used co-axial in the beamway of the system.


An article about the realization of an autofocus for laser systems using the Optimet sensors was published in the German Laser Magazin


Optimet measurement technology

ConoPoint 20 product video




conopoint 20

The ConoPoint sensors were developed for the use on diffusive material. With the auto exposure function the sensor can be used on different materials without recalibration. The measurement is performed with up to 20kHz speed and sub-micron accuracy. With different objectives available the accuracy and the working distance can be matched your requirements.


  • Different objectives for different applications usable
  • Usable in the optical path of the system with remote objective
  • Sub-micron precision available with short focal length objectives
  • Auto-exposure for accurate measurement on different surfaces
  • Angle coverage ±85°
  • Measurement rate of 3/9/20kHz
  • The ConoPoint-10 is available as HD version for even higher precision

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ConoPoint-11 Smart

conopoint 11 smart

The ConoPoint-11 Smart is a new family of Optimet's Non-Contact Laser Displacement Sensor. The new smart technology contains a rich set of algorithms which makes integration easy and provides pass/fail results rather than a simple displacement value. The ConoPoint-11 Smart provides 10,000 points /sec, keeping all Optimet advantages. This new sensor family allows fast 2D profile measurement, analysis and feature evaluation. The build in Smart technology also provide a standalone sensor using Web based interface without the need of installing anything on customer host.


  • Same advantages as the standard ConoPoint sensors
  • Measurement rate 10kHz
  • Web based, no software installation required
  • Built in feature library and filters
  • Go/NoGo output

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Conopoint R

The ConoPoint-R sensors were devoloped for the use on transparent and reflective materials. The in-depth accuracy is on the nanometer scale with a lateral accuracy lower than 1µm. The sensors are built for the use in an industrial environment and can precisely measure with speeds up to 300mm/s. 

Die wichtigsten Merkmale:

  • Different lenses for different applications usable
  • Measurement on reflective or transparent Materials and liquids
  • Measurement of thickness of transparent layers
  • Sub-micron precision available
  • Measurement rate of 3kHz or 9kHz
  • Possible integration of remote optics enabled by the collinear technology

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Conopoint 10   Small (2)

The periscope can be attached to the ConoPoint sensors. It enabled the orthogonal measurement and thus the measurement inside of holes or pipes.


  • All advantages of the ConoPoint sensors are maintained
  • Periscope can be rotated by 180° 
  • Angular coverage of ±75°

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