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nLIGHT® element® fiber coupled diode lasers build upon the foundation of single-emitter diodes, high brightness fiber coupling and simplified packaging to offer the most competitive product offering of fiber coupled diodes in the industry today. nLIGHT has optimized the cost and performance to introduce a product that produces up to 155 W from a 105 µm fiber. The element platform is designed and manufactured to meet the challenging performance and reliability requirements for fiber laser and solid-state laser pumping.


  • Output power up to 220 W
  • Wavelengths: 793, 808, 878.6, 885, 915, 940, 976 nm  – some VBG stabilized
  • Fiber core sizes: 105, 200 & 400 µm

For further questions please contact us or have a look at the website.

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nLIGHT®  pearl™ fiber coupled diode lasers continue to evolve with robust design and brightness. Configurable platforms enable multiple power and fiber combinations, and multiple wavelength options to offer system versatility and optimized application design. The pearl platform is designed and manufactured to achieve best and reliable operation for solid-state laser pumping, direct diode material processing, surgical lasers and medical therapeutics.


  • Output power up to 130 W
  • Wavelengths: 808, 878.6, 885, 915, 940, 976 nm and longer – some VBG stabilized
  • Thermistor and aiming beam available
  • Fiber core sizes: 200 & 400 µm

For further questions please contact us or have a look at the website.





Tobias Heider
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