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Lasertel is a vertically integrated manufacturer of high power semiconductor laser components and developer of customer laser solutions. They deliver a wide range of chips, bars, array packages with peak wavelengths from 770nm to 1050nm and peak powers from 200mW to several kW. Turn-key-solutions and specialities are also available for various applications, such as Defense, LIDAR and medical & industrial applications.

Lasertel laser diodes are manufactured in our US-based ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 and AS 9100C certified facility.



Laser Diode Arrays

Conductively cooled

Lasertel is the world’s leading supplier of conductively cooled laser diode arrays.

Special features of the conductively cooled laser diode arrays:

  • Wavelength range: 760 to 1.700 nm
  • Up to 1 kW pek power per bar
  • Flexible package platform
  • Wavelength stabilized options

Available in a broad range of package types, bar geometries and wavelengths, Lasertel’s laser diode products are optimized for your application.

Please find the various combinations and datasheets here: Conductively cooled laser diode arrays



Fluid cooled

Lasertel fluid cooled laser diode arrays utilize a patented monolithic design that requires only filtered water (not deionized). This eliminates the most common failure mechanisms associated with microchannel cooled laser diodes. Requiring no o-rings or rubber gaskets, our laser diode arrays perform reliably in harsh environments.

Special features of the conductively cooled laser diode arrays:

  • Wavelength range: 760 to 1.700 nm
  • Filtered water, not deionized
  • Scalable building block format
  • Small bar-to-bar pitch for increased brightness
  • Low pressure and water flow requirements
  • Multi-wavelength in a single array

Fluid cooled laser diodes are available in two configurations:

CW-mode with laser power up to 2.5 kW or QCW up to 25 kW: Fluid cooled - T6 module

Scalable modules up to 1 MW laser power: Fluid cooled - Scalable module



The vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser, or VCSEL, is a type of semiconductor laser diode with laser beam emission perpendicular from the top surface, contrary to conventional edge-emitting semiconductor lasers (also in-plane lasers) which emit from surfaces formed by cleaving the individual chip out of a wafer. Due to very good beam quality and low manufacturing costs VCSELs are used in various laser products, including fiber optic communications, laser printers, automotive & consumer electronic industries.


Special features of the Lasertel VCSEL’s:

  • Wavelength range: 800 to 980 nm
  • High brightness illumination (up to 12 kW/cm²)
  • Fast modulation capability
  • Low speckle
  • Operation modes from ns pulses to CW
  • Single and multiple emitter designs

Die VCSEL's are available in two configurations:

CW-mode with brightness up to 1 W/mm²: VCSEL V1

Pulsed-mode with brightness up to 120 W/mm²: VCSEL V2




Illumination Sources

Lasertel offers a line of illumination sources for camera systems and Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS). Lasertel’s High Beam™ and Low Beam™ products offer integrated control electronics, laser diode source and beam shaping optics in a single module. Optimized for performance and cost, both products offer a range of configurable options including variable power, wavelength and application-defined beam shapes and are based on Lasertel’s VCSEL or edge-emitting laser diodes.

Special features of the LIDAR Illumination Sources:

    • Wavelength range: 760 to 1.700 nm
    • Integrated system with electronics, laser source and beam shaping
    • Short pulses,
    • VCSEL or edge emitting laser diode sources
    • Application defined power, wavelength
    • Customizable beam shapes

Die LIDAR Illumination sources are available in two configurationens:

High Beam™ - 10 kW Peak power @ 20 ns pulse: High Beam™

Low Beam™ - 3 kW Peak power @ 5 ns pulse: Low Beam™





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