Laser-Mechanisms is one of the world's market leaders in the field of laser processing heads, laser beam guiding components and articulated arm systems. The products are used in any type of industrial application including cutting, welding, drilling, marking, surface treatment and other laser processes. The products are used in combination with various types of laser beam sources with outputs of up to 30 kW, such as  fiber lasers, CO2,  ND:YAG and many more.

Laser Mechanisms also offers a variety of flexible solutions for connecting industrial CO2 lasers to motion platforms. With the proven articulated arm technology, these systems are the industry's only turnkey beam integration solution for robots or flatbed cutters. Laser-Mechanisms has been a valued partner in the laser world for over 30 years and is a specialist in its field for laser beam processing.

Laser Mechanisms stands for:

  • Innovation
  • High Performance
  • Safety
  • user-friendlyness
  • Increase of the cost efficiency of laser processing



FiberCut 2D and FiberCut HR

FiberCUT 2D


The FiberCUT series 2D and HR have their field of application in flatbed cutting for a maximum power of 6 kW and 15 kW. The process heads have an automatic and programmable focus position adjustment, which can be adjusted over a length of 25 mm. The FiberCUT series is completely sealed and prevents the contamination of the optics due to its purge gas design. In addition, all wear optics such as protective glasses are easily replaced by very well sealed, small access points.

The most important features of the FiberCut 2D:

  • Internal process sensor for monitoring of pierce-through and loss of cut
  • Internal sensor for monitoring all optics
  • Standard nozzles and airflow function
  • No exposed cables
  • Lighter than 7 kg
  • Laser Mech's patent for high-altitude sensor technology

Features of the FiberCut HR:

  • Robust, directly cooled reflection optics minimize focus shift
  • Internal sensor for monitoring all optics
  • Internal process sensor for monitoring of pierce-through and loss of cut
  • Standard nozzles and airflow function
  • No exposed cables
  • Laser Mech's patent for high-altitude sensor technology

Applications: Laser Cutting

Data sheets: FiberCut 2D  



FiberCut ST, FiberCut RA and FiberCut RAc

 FiberCUT RAc


The FiberCUT series RA, RAc and ST (up to 4 kW laser power) collimate and focus the fiber laser beam and feed it with process gas through the nozzle to achieve optimal cutting results. These cutting heads also have the automated stand-by function to the component, which always leads to the correct working distance with the aid of the sensor and direct connection to the movement platform. Especially these three variants of the FiberCut are ideally suited for use with an automated robot arm (16 kg robot) due to their compact design and the very low weight. This makes it possible to implement 3-dimensional applications perfectly.

Advantages of the FiberCut ST:

  • 3-dimensional cutting with fiber-coupled laser with 16 kg robot
  • Low process head mass minimizes inertial transfer to robot arm
  • Internal process sensor is not sensitive to cutting plasma and piercing particles
  • Suitable for laser power up to 4 kW and wavelengths of 1064/1080 nm
  • Designed for demanding and extreme industrial conditions

Additional features of the FiberCut RA:

  • Right-angle entry geometry from all connections allows for high degrees of freedom to the component,
    easy cable laying and stress reduction of the process fiber

Additional features of the FiberCut RAc:

  • 30% smaller than original FiberCut RA
  • Right-angle entry geometry from all connections allows for high degrees of freedom to the component, 

    easy cable laying and stress reduction of the process fiber

Applications: Laser Cutting, Robot Cutting Application

Data sheets: FiberCut ST | FiberCut RAc


FiberMini ST und FiberMini RA


FiberMini ST

FiberMini RA

The FiberMini ST and the FiberMini RA (up to 2 kW laser power) are simple yet flexible, which allows Laser Mech to optimize the processing head for the fiber laser of the end user. The head can cut a variety of materials and is also available in various welding designs. The FiberMini ST and RA provide both user-friendly operation and reliable performance at an attractive cost.

Advantages of the FiberMini ST and FiberMini RA:

  • Available with and without capacitive height scanning
  • Temperature sensors protect the optics and minimize the risk of overheating
  • 10 mm lens movement for sharp adjustment
  • Quick and easy access to the cover glass
  • Flexible design to optimize the spot size
  • Uniform cutting gas throughput
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Models available for the most common fiber couplings

Applications: Laser Cutting

Data sheets: FiberMini ST  |  FiberMini RA




 FiberWeld und FiberWeld HR+



The FiberWeld and the FiberWeld HR (up to 8 and 30 kW laser power) were developed for a particularly high load factor in production welding with a fiber-coupled laser. The cabling is integrated into the robust head, the connections for coolant and gases are kept simple. The easy-access and well-protected cover glass of the FiberWeld series helps to extend the life of the internal optics. According to the processing requirements of the end user, the FiberWeld can be provided with straight or right angled fiber inputs, camera viewing, cable feed, air knife, coaxial nozzle, welding monitoring and special focus optics (twin spot and right angle).

Advantages of the FiberWeld:

  • For all fiber-guided laser systems up to 8 kW
  • Fiber collimator of 100 mm - 190 mm
  • Focusing lenses from 200 mm - 10000 mm
  • Available with either straight or optional 90 ° left-handed / right-handed fiber connection
  • Temperature monitored optics
  • Cover glass with contamination monitoring / warning
  • Cross-flow air sensor with 360 ° adjustment
  • All optics are recessed to avoid contamination of process vapors or particles
  • Compatible with all common welding monitoring systems
  • Faster and easier access to the cover glass (no tools required)

Additional advantages of FiberWeld HR:

  • Robust, directly cooled and reflective optics minimize focus shift
  • For all fiber guided laser systems up to 30 kW

Applications: Laser Welding, Laser Hardening

Data sheets: FiberWeld - FiberWeld HR



 FiberMini Weld

FiberMINI Weld

With a base area of only 55 mm side length around its center, the FiberMini Weld is a highly compact and lightweight welding head for all fiber-guided solid-state lasers up to 4 kW. The FiberMini Weld has a simple yet flexible design that allows LaserMech to tailor the machining head to the needs of the end user. Easily accessible cover glass and good protection of the optics against contamination. The fiber inputs of the FiberMini Weld are either straight or right, guaranteeing user-friendly operation and reliable performance at an attractive price.

Advantages of the FiberMini Weld:

  • Available in focal lengths up to 400 mm
  • Focus setting of 10 mm
  • Compact lightweight construction
  • Optional camera viewing
  • Effective air knife, which increases the life of the cover glass
  • Quick and easy access to the cover glass
  • Flexible design for optimum spot size


Applications: Laser Welding

Data sheet: FiberMini Weld


Industrielle Strahlführungskomponenten

Large Aperture Series

Laser Mechanisms is the recognizable world leader of the design and production of laser beam components and freely movable arm systems. Laser Mech products are used in all industrial applications. Over the years, the company has developed many innovations to improve the performance, safety, capabilities, ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness of laser processes. In the area of the beam guidance, a distinction is made between large and small apparatus (suitable for Iradion CO2 lasers). Components are, for example:

  • AccuCutter System
  • AccuFocus System
  • Parabolic Welding System
  • Beam Bender
  • Beam Shuttle
  • Beam Splitter
  • Collimator
  • Feedback Isolator

Applications: Laser Cutting, Laser Welding, Laser Scribing, Surface Processing


 Ersatzteile für alle bekannten Optikhersteller


If your laser beam guidance systems or components are no longer functional and require an exchange of optics, nozzles, lines, then Laser Mech has all the spare parts of all well-known industrial manufacturers in this area.

Catalogue: Spare parts




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